Start September 1st, 2019

Every morning you wake up, you start your day in a vibe. 

Your energetic vibe is what starts the day off either amazing, good or bad. 

30 Days to Spirit has been created just for you, to keep you in the vibe of love, Spirit and intuition. 

Every morning you are going to receive a video clip from me either giving you a lesson, a mantra, a reminder, or even simply a song to rock out to, and so much more.

** You are going to be conscious of your energy!

** You are going to stay connected to love!

** You are going to stay in the flow of abundance!

** You are going to be more connected to receiving!

You and I are going to keep you there for the entire month of September!

By the end of September, you will feel more attuned to life, Spirit and YOU. 

If of course, you do the work to get the results, but there's no way to fail when you put the effort in. 

are you ready?

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September 1, 2019. 

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I'm going to rock September!

Morning Magic

let's start this right!

I am a creature of habit. 

I LOVE a morning routine...even if it changes every morning, the basics stay the same. 

I wake up, I say a prayer of gratitude and start my day off with a mantra or affirmation. 

I remember what it was like trying to keep myself accountable to do "it all right!'

I would forget the plan I created the night before as I reflected on my day that I had this great idea to start the day inline with my spirit and a loving energy. 

I know you  struggle with this too, as I hear it all the time!

This is where the inspiration came for this course!

Spirit and my Guides  said "Sarah, let's help others! You are perfect for this! Your energy will kick start the day off for so many!"

I cannot wait to spend everyday with you in September.


Spend a Month with Me!

This unique, life changing month of September is granting you life time access to nourish your soul, mind and energy. 

You can repeat the lessons over and over again!

Plus you will get access to any updates absolutely free!

Spend the month of September with me for only $75!

That is $2.50 a day!

Lifetime access? PRICELESS!

Said "YES" to you, a new way to shift and a lot of fun and laughter!

I am PUMPED and I know you will be too!

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