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An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!

An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!

An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!

Reading Began My Journey

I LOVE to read

Books changed my life, my story, my journey and even my career. 

Perhaps the biggest impact on my life was the Opening to Channel by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. It is a channelled book with Orin and Daben that began my belief in the Divine and Spirit. 

I remember reading the first few chapters, being doubtful and saying out loud "Okay, if there is such a thing as Guides, let me know you are here." I laid on the floor and waited, 100% skeptical. I felt a push where my heart was. A beautiful warm tingling pressure that made me jump up with excitement. I was laughing and ready to jump up with joy. 

My doubt creeped in, so I asked it to do the same thing happened and I was hysterical with energy. I asked what it's name was. I received a "D-A" and couldn't get anything more. I decided to call him David. 

A few weeks later I went to a Guide reader, asking this "Guide" to let me know if I had his name right, as I wasn't for sure. I hadn't told anyone about this experience, as I still didn't want to be perceived as weird, crazy or a joke. 

The first thing out of the Guide readers mouth was "Your Guide laughs and wants you to know his name is NOT David, as you thought, but Daniel." I would have dropped on the floor if I wasn't sitting already. It was incredible. 

Although I never finished the book, I still recommend it, as it was life changing for me. I believe I learned all I needed from it, but I do highly recommend it to anyone that wants to begin their journey connecting to their Guides and their own Divine Team. 

The above experience taught me that I could read, and change my life. I didn't JUST need a teacher, coach or someone to guide me in person. I could make my own life changing shifts, with the guidance on printed page. 

I am asked all the time, what books do you recommend, so instead of answer that question, time and time again, I wanted to share the reads that have changed my life. 

I will continually add books to this page, as I read. I hope you enjoy them as well!

My truth

I want to make sure you know that I am NOT being paid in any way by these authors. 

I simply wanted to share what books impacted my life, as I think it is a great way to begin your journey. 

Books I Recommend



This is the first book I ever opened that discussed Spirit, Guides, Energy and the Divine. 

Honestly, I never finished, as I felt I got what I needed from it, but I STILL love it and appreciate it for opening my soul, heart and mind to a connection I had been yearning for my entire life. 

deepening your connection


Sonia Choquette, although I have never met her, is someone I have immense gratitude for. 

This book made me realize even more connections that were already taking place within me, without even realizing it. 

Sonia is a leader in the world of Spirit, and this books proves why. 

Understanding how


Sherrie Dillard is an amazing author, Divine Light worker and helped me understand just how I was connecting to Spirit. 

Just as there are introverts and extroverts, there are different ways you are connecting to Spirit and the Divine. 

There is even a test included within the book to find out how you connect to Spirit. 

connecting to loved ones


Another book by Sherrie Dillard that I found so insightful and helpful in understanding how I connect to loved ones on the other side.

Another amazing test within to understand how messages are being delivered to you. 

understanding my childhood


I couldn't get enough of Sonia and her books. This one helped me understand the journey of someone that was allowed to honour her connection from a young age, while not being perfect.

I love it and recommend it as a beginning to your journey as well. 

First taste of gabby



I read this book when I needed some major healing, learn how to trust love, and how to rethink my life.

I was hurting BIG time and kept looking outside of myself for the answers.

Gabby helped me realize as long as I was looking outside, I would never feel enough, and I would be forever searching.

This book healed my life, my heart, my beliefs, my marriage. GAME CHANGER!

More book recommendations to come!

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