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Embrace Your Intuition

Start Connecting!

I remember what it felt like before I started my journey with Spirit.

* Feeling like I was simply existing

* Feeling like an emotional crazy person

* Knowing things about others I couldn't explain

* Panic and anxiety that made simple takes challenging

* BLOWING up for no apparent reason

I knew that I was a good person, but I couldn't understand what was going on. 

I didn't believe in Spirit or the Universe, but it just coming up and I finally said "Okay, I have to figure out what is going on."




I want to share ALL  the tools I can with all of you!

With Divine inspiration, Spirit and I create this BRAND NEW COURSE!

Life Changing lessons

We are Stars wrapped in skin - 

The Light you are seeking has always been within 

~ Author Unknown ~

Let's Rock This New Path


equip yourself with the Universe to Human dictionary

Feb  15 - Apr 22, 2019

Find Serenity and peace

find the road map to living a life you think is out of your reach

stop searching

allow yourself to be you. 

What You Get

Peace and Calm


You will gain the tools to no longer be held captive by your emotions, panic or anxiety. 

Life Changing connections


Learn who makes up your Divine Teams and how they show themselves. 

Keep Only Love In


Easy and practical ways to keep your energy and space cleansed. 



Learn what these little energy centers are and JUST how much they influence your life. 

Tools to Use


Not only will you learn how to use helpful Pendulums, you will have cards, journals and many other ways to receive messages. 

How you connect


Just as there are different exercises and diets that work for different people, learn how you are connecting to Spirit.
You are unique, why would your connection be common?

Join me on Feb 8th for a live info session. Email me at to save your spot!

Found Gifts I Never Thought Possible

52 Weeks and Coaching Corner Student

I completed two courses with Sarah this past year 2018. 

I began the year feeling so incredibly lost and unsure of myself. I wanted so badly to know what my purpose was. I really didn’t know what to expect with either of these courses but something that I would later learn was my intuition was telling me she was who I needed to help guide me! 

Throughout the year Sarah was so compassionate, supportive, and gave tough love exactly when I needed it! 


The knowledge Sarah passed on through her lessons helped me enormously to deal with my relationship, my family, and the world in general. 

With her guidance and teachings I started handling the world with a confidence I didn’t even know I had. 

My connection to spirit grew and I found gifts I never thought possible! I have learned to appreciate this journey called life. I am so grateful for Sarah’s teachings and guidance!  

Sari Hildebrandt, Fort McMurray

Sari Hildebrandt, Fort McMurray

Wow I Can Do This!

AdditiEmbrace Your Intuition and 52 Weeks Student

Sarah is an amazing teacher and I learned so much from her. 

What I experienced was most definitely life changing for myself. 

When I started this journey I honestly was just looking for a way to communicate with my mom and dad. I felt as that is what I needed and more so wanted. 

Once I started learning more things and putting those things into action, was like wow I can do this. 

Being on both sides of the fence I can now appreciate the whole process so much more. I love receiving messages as those have helped me heal so much, but…I more so enjoyed watching other people heal from messages I was able to give them.

I feel as this is what I need to be doing and helping others will help heal myself as well. Thank you for that. I am excited what the future has in store for me in this journey. I am so grateful to have meet you and once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing experience.

Crystal Lentz-Robinson, Alberta Beach

Crystal Lentz-Robinson, Alberta Beach

Felt Honoured

Embrace Your Intuition Student

 Omg Sarah!

You are amazing I couldn’t tell you how grateful I am to be able to attend your course, thank you for helping me.

I’ve asked spirit to help me to be the best medium for a few years, and you have given me the tools to grow within.

The stuff I learned in your class were tools that I didn’t know how to put together but do know now. Everyone in that class was so incredible, I felt honoured to be able learn so much from all of them and you Sarah. 

Colleen Kolkea, Edmonton, AB

Colleen Kolkea, Edmonton, AB

Course Content


6 weeks of lessons from me

You are going to start your very own Spiritual training with me. 

Lessons are sent out on Fridays, giving you the weekend to learn, the following week to put it into practice.

Yes there is homework, but don't let that keep you. It's Life Betterment changing!


4 weeks of live sessions

I will be making myself available at 4 different times in person, LIVE.

Your very own private Intuitive Party to ask me ANYTHING about what you have learned.

This is your chance to ask me about your own experiences, the growth you've been feeling or whatever. 

I am yours!


surprises from me

I LOVE giving away prizes, so throughout the 10 week course, we will have special giveaways as well.

Weekly Lessons

Week 1 - Chakra's

Starting at basics is the foundation for success. 

Week 2 - Energetic Dusting

There are a variety of ways to ensure you keep only good loving energy in your physical space, as well as home.
Let's get geared up. 

Week 4 - Connections Clairs

 Learn a variety of other amazing DAILY ways the Universe is already talking to you! 

Week 6 - Clairs

 Learn all 6 different clair's  the Universe, Angels and Guides are using to speak to you.  

Week 7 - Communication


Use physical tools to have a complete conversation with the Universe, Angels and Spirit.

Week 9 - Angels and Guides

 You have a team that is and always has been supporting, loving and guiding you. 

We are going to talk to them and so much more. 

Week's 3, 5, 8 and 10 will be live on Thursday's with me. 

I will have more lessons, meditations and messages to share with you.

I'm Sarah Manning, Baby!

Forever growing forever changing

This course is so close to my heart.

Yes it is based on the one that changed my life, but different and unique at the same time. 

I have had the opportunity to teach many across North America, and I am extremely grateful for that. Spirit is always asking me to share my personal stories and experiences to help and support others. 

Now I get to teach you in a different but perfect way, and I am so excited and appreciative of this opportunity.

I will never tell you that I have got it made, mastered a lesson, or even am a master. Why?

Because I am ALWAYS growing and evolving. I am always changing and letting myself be lead.

This is how this amazing course came about. Making life changing connections that improve your life beyond measure. 

I LOVE and treasure my connections to Spirit and they truly have made me happier, calmer, more loving and patient. I know that if you are looking at this course, it is for a reason.

I have helped 1,000's of people, worldwide with personal messages from Spirit, that have been life changing. 

I am now committing myself to YOU! 

February 15th, 2019 we are going to start this beautiful journey together and I am SO EXCITED!

You should be too. 

So stop waiting! SIGN UP and let's get your journey train a moving!

~ Love and Light ~





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Join me on Feb 8th for a live info session. Email me at to save your spot!