More About Your Experience


I Love the extras

I have been a full-time medium since January 2014 and I have loved every minute of it. I think one of the things I love the best, is my little gift I give to you. 

When you come to see me in person for a session, I gift you a card that you pick at random. 

Inside will be a message from Spirit just for you. Trust me, the messages are spot on, and I LOVE how Spirit works. 

Only Love and Light is given

Don't be scared

I get many clients saying, "I don't want to hear anything bad!"

Although I am not in control of what is said during a reading, I can tell you that your loved ones and Guides do NOT want to scare you either. The messages that given are to help support you in life, not hinder you. 

Seriously, you have some control over what happens during a session. Your Guides and loved ones know you in many ways, better than you know yourself. They are here to make you smile. 

Readings of all types are life changing, not to scare you. 



I am not here to convince you to come and see me. Honestly, I tell everyone that sends me an inquiry that readings happen exactly WHEN they should, and with WHOM they should.

Go with your instincts, as who you are drawn to, is going to give you the best reading. 

Trust me, it really isn't you that found is your Divine on the other side that had our paths cross. 

Phone Readings are Possible

Don't let location stop you

I have done readings with clients from all around the world.

Do not let the fact that you do not live near me stop you from hearing from your loved ones today.

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