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An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!

An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!

An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!

Messages from Guides

Very special messages

I started these  journals as a gift for students and I adored them.

However, in time, the Universe asked me to make the available to anyone that wanted a direct channel to their Guides.  A way to make their Guides more real to them.

I was SO excited to answer the call, and allow the Universe to make this a new type of reading for YOU.

I have received countless messages from those that loved their journals and I am so happy that they have made Spirit more real to many of you.

These are exactly what your Guide would tell you, if they were sitting right in front of you. They want you to know they are always with you, but still give you the tough love you need as well. 

These journals are the equivalent of sitting with me for an hour channelled session with your Guides.

Each one is personalized, exactly what your Guides want to share with you.

I love the fact that Guides love you no matter what you decide to do with their messages. They also NEVER judge you, whether you listen to the guidance or not.

The messages, however, are always what you NEED to hear, to get to your highest and greatest good in this lifetime. 

Is My Journal Really Going to be That Good?


Much Happiness

I received a journal from Sarah last year and I really needed it at that time in life. I was going through some confusing stuff and I feel the messages Sarah had for me helped me though that time. 

Not only did it give me a piece of mind that things where going to be OK but also brought me so much happiness reading answers to my questions that I had. It also encouraged me to keep writing in it, and I have found so much peace with daily journaling. 

If you are ever on the fence of getting one I highly recommend that you do, mine is something I will treasure for ever.  

Jennifer McCallum, 

Stony Plain, AB


I'm a twin!

I just finished reading my journal and I absolutely love it! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

I'm a twin, so it's awesome I have twin Guides!

Brooklyn Drieklick, 

Binscarth, MB


Small but Packed

These journals are approximately 8"x 6" and come in a variety of colours, more than shown here even.

I pick which one I believe suits you, connect to your Guides and than get to work passing on the best messages possible.

You never know what you will receive in your personalized journal, but one thing is for sure...they are very special. 

What Can I Expect to Read in My Journal?

Excellent question

This is actually a tough question to answer, as I don't really know. It is 100% up to YOUR own Guides. 

Sometimes I receive a name for the Guide that decides to show up, as well as what they are like personality wise. 

I will however give you between 11 - 13 pages of guidance received from your channelled Spiritual team. Each one is definitely an experience to channel, and not something I take lightly. I adore these little gems and know they are truly full of love. 

I will also see who from the Hidden Realms is walking beside you, helping you for a short period of time. 


Journal From Spirit

C$ 120.00

(C$ 15.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

* Want a certain colour for your journal? Message me and let me know. I can't guarantee an exact colour, but I will do my best. 

* You can purchase these as a gift! Simply email me the FIRST name of the person you have purchased it for. 

* Any other questions, send me a message and I will help. 

* Allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery