Who Am I?

I'm Sarah and I Talk to Dead People

 I am a Medium? 


If you asked me growing up if I thought this was even a possibility, I would have looked at you terrified and like you had two heads.  

I never thought I would have dedicated my life to helping others heal. 

I have been everything from a server to dental assistant to executive assistant.   I found my true calling in my 30's and I haven't looked back. I love what I do and who I am.   

Finding my connection to the Universe has been the biggest gift...besides my hubby Colin of course. 

I have had the opportunity to help guide clients from around the world. Even pass on healing and life changing messages from their loved ones on the other side.

I am not only a full-time healer, I am an A1R Radio Network host, a Moonstruck TV host, teacher, spiritual coach and mentor.

I have been very blessed along my journey not only in connecting to amazing, loving people but also in the support I have received over the years.

When I began this journey, I promised myself I would be as real and down to earth as I possibly could. I wanted you and others to know that I am seriously NO different than anyone else.

I deal with setbacks, stresses, lessons and health issues right along side all of you. 

My mission on this journey is to show you just because I deal with energy, passed loved ones, Angels and Guides, doesn't mean I've got it all figured out.

I am the Universe's helper and here to support you on this life journey.

~ Love and Light ~

Sarah Manning

I'm Sarah
I'm Sarah