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An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!

An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!

An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!


Connecting loved ones together again

We have all or will at some point experience the loss of someone we love. When it is a family member that we were particularly close to, it is gut wrenching.

What mediumship does, is it provides you the necessary proof that your loved ones are still with you.

Before every session with you, I ask your loved ones to come in and tell me things "I cannot pull out of my butt!" Seriously, I do.

I want you to leave our time together without a single doubt that your loved ones where with us. I give to you whatever I receive with no filter. I trust that whatever your loved ones are telling me, is for your greatest and highest good. 

I do have to stress though, that I am NOT in control of the sessions. I believe whomever is coming forward to connect with you is coming with your greatest and highest good in  mind.



 - It is honestly easier for me to do a reading for you when I know nothing, plus when I say `Your dad is here` or `So and so is here` you`ll know. I will do more validating than that, but it really is best if I know nothing. 


 - You can ask any of your loved ones to come forward. You cannot offend them, they   are just as excited to chat with you. 


 - Your loved ones will only say that which is for your greatest and highest good.

All mediumship readings are 30 - 60 minutes depending on your choice and include an electronic recording of the session. 

Loved Ones are Always Close

Loved Ones are Always Close

I Adore This Woman


"Where do I begin to tell you about Sarah ?? 

I must admit I'm probably considered to be a bit biased because I absolutely ADORE this woman !!! She is the nicest & most sincere person I have ever met. 

She generates a lively yet calming energy. Her readings are awesome. Things come out that only yourself would know. 

She reflects your emotions during your reading by being happy or sad with you in what is communicated. She is extraordinarily talented, and I believe she will be world renown one day. 

She is just a good person...through & through.  

Thank you for all you have given me Sarah."

- Jill Pratz, Sherwood Park, AB

- Jill Pratz, Sherwood Park, AB 

Given Me Peace of Mind

 I want to thank you, Sarah, for giving me the peace of mind that my loved ones are at peace and that they are still with me always.  

Sarah is so kind and gentle when giving the reading that you immediately feel at ease.  Sarah is a remarkable woman and also a Spirit Guide and this shows during the reading.  

I would always tell anyone who needed a reading that Sarah would be the one to help. 

Kathy Falcon, Morinville, AB

Kathy Falcon, Morinville, AB


Phone Readings?

Do they Really Work?

Spirit is not limited by location, ever. 

I am always asked, is a phone reading really just as good as an in person reading? "Don't I have to be with you to get that good connection?"

Just as we no longer need landlines for phones, or cords for our computers, Spirit does not need, nor has ever needed you to be right in front of me for that amazing reading. Energy is energy.

I actually truly believe that phone readings are better than in person. I don't see your age, your cultural background, your reaction to things brought up. There truly is no way for me to "cheat" or "read" YOU. 

I am simply passing on what I am receiving from your loved ones on the other side. 

I LOVE it when I say to my client on the other end "Your loved one says to stop fidgeting so much," or "They tell me that you are holding their photo." Those are some fun, validating, "how did she know that" things that happen. 

Are You Sure Sarah?

I truly have been blessed to connect so many with their loved ones, around the world. I have yet to personally travel around the world, but with phone changing moments happen.

I have a connected to clients in Costa Rica, Australia, Ireland, England, the US,  Canada, Mexico and so many. 

None of those readings happened in person, they were all over the phone or computer. 

Don't wait any longer. Book your phone call to heave today. 

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~ Love and Light ~