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An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!

An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!

An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!An Empowerment Light Worker Helping YOU Live Your Best Life!

Messages from Guides

Reassurance in a Card

Cards From Spirit are Divine messages channelled directly from your Guides to you.

They are quick, short messages to give you the love and the guidance you are seeking in that moment.

These cards started out as gifts, but you asked for more, so here they are. 

These cards contain love, encouragement, guidance and/or advice...maybe a mixture of all of them.

No matter what is said, you will love the messages and what your Guides have in store for you.  

Remember, your Guides give no judgment in any area of your life, only positive energy and support. 

All they want for you is love, happiness, peace, success and all the other amazing good words you can think of!

These are a little reminder of that true, divine and loving bond that already exists between you and your Guides. 

You will receive all 5 cards in approximately 4 weeks, as it is always dependent on the mail system and where you live. 

Your Guides and I cannot wait to send these personalized cards to you!

Connections are what matter

These are fun little messages, that give you love, encouragement and guidance in your daily life.

You will know which card you need to read and when.

Your Guides will never let you down and you will never loose your Guides love. 

Got Goosebumps

Impeccable timming

 Sarah, I finally read the last of my 5 cards tonight. The card was "Shine Bright Stay True". The timing was impeccable.

I spaced out the cards like you suggested. I have a lot more insight into what's being said. 

The last card made me cry. I always give. It's been rough the last while but, the last card spoke volumes to me. Typing this I have goosebumps in my legs. 

You are love and light. 

Thank you, you are a blessing. 

Coleen Karr, Kamloops, BC

Coleen Karr, Kamloops, BC

"I Love you" Sincerely, Your Guide


Always Different, always personal

There have been 1,000's of cards written up, and none of them have been the same. 

 Want to gift a pack? We can do that for sure. Give someone a surprise of love and connection in the mail.  


personalized messages just for you

Love card readings, but desire the message to be more for you? This is an amazing way to receive just that. 

Those that have received a card have commented on it is exactly what they needed to hear. Simple, mind blowing validation they are always supported and guided. 


Years of love in a written card

These cards have been given as gifts since I stared working with Spirit. 

They are just one more way to validate your Guides are with you on a daily basis. 

You can now receive them on your own, instead of  having to book a reading with me. 


Card Options for $75

Mermaid Cards


Sweet and fun for the Mermaid lover at heart!

Colourful Cards



Like different colours and shapes? These are the cards for you. 

Examples only, colours do vary. 

Fun Card Pack


Single layer cards, that are bright and full of spring. Cards as shown

Flower cards


Pretty vibrant cards full of flowers



 Fun and flashy cards that are mostly pink, green, white and gold accents!  

Very summer I think and who can resist a puppy? 

silver cards


Fun shinny cards, with different shapes and designs. 

Your Spirit Guides Know What You Need, Even When You Don't. 

~ Unknown ~


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